News Release

2018/  1/ 25 NEW
MSJ allocated new shares to Toyota Tsusho Corporation, and so on through Third-Party Allotoment.(2018/ 1/25)

Kishimoto, CEO, was interviewed on the “Monthly BOSS”. (2017/11/22)

Kishimoto, CEO, was interviewed on the “Root for” top interview.(2017/11/2)

We have moved to the following address. (2017/10/30)
  Amagasaki Research Incubation Center, #315
  7-1-3, Doicho, Amagasaki, Hyogo, 660-0083, JAPAN
   *Only the room number has changed.

Products Information

Multi-frequency Multi-GNSS Solution

MSJ‘s multi-frequency multi-GNSS receiver provides precise and robust position to any solutions of many industries. For Quasi-Zenith Satellite(QZS) which would be full-scale operation in year 2018, This receiver can support L6 signal from QZS and deliver centimeter-class position using single GNSS receiver.

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High Precision GNSS RTK Solution

MSJ's RTK (Real Time Kinematic) GNSS systems, which supports multiple satellite systems and frequencies, can obtain high accurate position stably and can be widely used for the surveying and the investigation of crustal movement, which centimeter class accuracy must be needed, and the automatic driving of industrial machines.

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GNSS Inertial Measurement System

MSJ's GNSS inertial navigation system, which combines a high precision GNSS system with an IMU, provides accurate position, velocity and attitude information for the automatic driving of the industrial equipments and the agricultural machines.

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Super High Sensitivity GPS Timing Solution


MSJ's low-cost weak signal GPS timing solution provides the ideal solution for indoor infrastructure equipment, and can support time synchronization to the next generation communication network like WiMAX, LTE and smart grid. This complete software GPS processing is the most sensitive GPS solution in the world.

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Indoor Virtual Satellite Positioning Solution

Inddor Virtual Satelite RTK ソリュージョン

MSJ's Indoor Virtual Satellite Positioning Solution provides the ideal solution for the guidance system in large facilities like shopping mall, hospital and airport. This solution which uses combination of virtual satellites and the correction information from the base station, which embedded MSJ's high sensitive GPS technology, provides Indoor./Outdoor seamless accurate positioning.

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AEP(Autonomous Ephemeris Prediction)

AEP(Autonomous Ephemeris Prediction)

AEP (Autonomous Ephemeris Prediction) which is promoted by MSJ and NASA/JPL is the ideal solution to shrink satellites acquisition time and to improve sensitivity. This proprietary orbit prediction algorithm shrinks the TTFF (Time to First Fix) to approximately 1/5 without any external assist information.

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