High Precision GNSS RTK Solution

High Precision GNSS RTK Solution  Overview

MSJ's RTK (Real Time Kinematic) GNSS systems, which supports multiple satellite systems and frequencies, can obtain high accurate position stably and can be widely used for the surveying and the investigation of crustal movement, which centimeter class accuracy must be needed, and the automatic driving of industrial machines.


What is RTK (Real Time Kinematic positioning)....

RTK is the method for measuring rover's position in realtime by means of observation corrections which be transmitted from a known position (base station) to the rover through wireless or mobile network. The measuring method which is different from the code phase method which is popular for car navigation or mobile phone is able to get further high-precision position by using carrier phase and observation correction. Additionally, Increasing visible satellites by supporting not only GPS but also other satellite systems
contributes to better stable positioning. RTK system which can provide centimeter class accuracy is growing in popularity for not only survey purpose but also for automatic operation for agricultural machine or construction machine.



・L1 Multi GNSS RTK module

・Supported satellites

L1 L1 E1(option) L1(option) O(option)

・Key Features
 1cm RTK(baseline 5km), output rate 1~10Hz
 18 channels
 Low power consumption (700~900mW @5.0V)

・Time to Fix (TYP)
 Cold start             90 sec 
 Warm start                35 sec
 Hot start                 12 sec
 Re-acquisition            2 sec 

・Position Accuracy
 Autonomous          3m
 SBAS                    1m
 Code differencial   40cm
 Dynamic RTK  ±5cm + 1ppm × baseline (< 5km) RMS 
 Static RTK     ±0.5cm + 1ppm × baseline (< 5km) RMS

・Velocity accuracy                   5 cm/sec

・Maximum acceleration           20 g

・Input/Output Interface            LV-TTL UART x 2



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