Super High Sensitivity GPS Timing Solution

Super High Sensitivity GPS Timing Solution  Overview

MSJ's GNSS timing module is a super high sensitivity software GPS timing solution which developed based on much experiences and achievements regarding proprietary satellite positioning technology over many years.
This receiver can provide position and accurate timing information even if conventional receiver could not get positions in any harsh environments.
This low-cost software GPS timing solution would be suited to synchronization network like the Smart Grid network and the next generation wireless communication network.



・Super High sensitivity GPS module both acquisition(-161dBm) and
・Super high sensitivity acquisition algorithm which is specialized for fixed
 equipment like the base station of small cell
・Timing accuracy at the maximum sensitivity would be ±0.2 micro
・Low cost module based on completely software solution except of
 RF and oscillator
・Easy integration to the system based on Linux OS
・1 PPS pulse output (optional hardware is necessary)



High Sensitivity Software GPS Timing Solution

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