Multi-frequency Multi-GNSS Solution

Multi-frequency Multi-GNSS Solution Overview

MSJ‘s next generation high precision multi-frequency multi-GNSS receiver provides precise and robust position to any solutions of many industries. For Quasi-Zenith Satellite(QZS) which would be full-scale operation in year 2018, our new receiver can support L6 signal from QZS and deliver centimeter-class position using single GNSS receiver.


About Multi-frequency

The GNSS receiver we generally use in car navigation and smartphone is using only L1 C/A signal. The position accuracy is approximately 5m - 10m.
Multi-frequency receiver can stably maintain high accuracy even with carrier wave positioning at long baselines (<30 km).  It can also support to VRS (Virtual Reference Station).
It is an indispensable system method for centimeter-class positioning using quasi-zenith satellites.


 Advantage of Multi-frequency receiver

The sub-meter level position accuracy will be able to also realize in every country because the error by the ionospheric delay can be canceled by using several different frequencies.
Convergence time that is a disadvantage of PPP method can be shortened.
The shortening of convergence time must be necessary for autonomous car driving.


Characteristic・Key point

- Provide high precision position calculation that receives and decodes signals from all satellite systems.
- Autonomous high precision positioning by using L6 signal from QZSS.
- Work as the high precision multi-frequency GNSS RTK receiver at places in overseas regions which 
   cannot obtain QZSS signal.
- Provide the best solution for autonomous driving by the tight coupling technology with IMU.



*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Multi-frequency Multi-GNSS receiver
( P/N:MJ-2005-GL4 )
※This product is based on results obtained from a project subsidized by the New Energy and Industrial Technology
 Development Organization (NEDO)

Multi-frequency Multi-GNSS receiver EVK

This evaluation kit allows you to easily use this multi-frequency multi-GNSS receiver,
and includes all materials what you need for evaluation of high precision positioning.

Kit includes
 - Multi-frequency Multi-GNSS Receiver Unit
 - Communication Cable
 - Power Cable
 - AC Adaptor
 - Multi-frequency GNSS Antenna
 - Antenna Mounting Kit
 - Antenna Cable



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