Name Magellan Systems Japan, Inc.
Location Amagasaki Research Incubation Center, #315
7-1-3, Doicho, Amagasaki, Hyogo, 660-0083, JAPAN
Phone Number +81-6-4950-5520 (FAX +81-6-4950-5521)
CEO Nobuhiro Kishimoto
Established July 6th, 1993  (Founded: February 3rd, 1987)
Stated Capital 863.65 million yen
Capital Reserve 813.65 million yen



Name MSJ Research Center Limited Liability Company
Location 8 Marta Str., bld. 1, block 12, Moscow, 127083, Russia
CEO Sergey Lyusin
Established October 21st, 2015



・Research, development and licence of super high sensitivity and high precision satellite positioning system
・Research, development and licence of semi-software GPS and software GPS
・Research, development and licence of UWB and high sensitivity digital signal processing technology
・Research and development regarding next generation GNSS technology
・Development both hardware and software regarding GNSS technology
・Importer and seller of GNSS related products



1987 Dragon Magic, Ltd. was established on February 1, 1987 to develop and sell the navigation software and the application for LORAN-C.
1989 Magellan Systems Corporation in US launched the first handy-type GPS NAV1000. Concurrently, Dragon Magic Ltd obtained a dealership to sell its product in Japan.
1992 Company name was changed to Magellan Systems Japan, Ltd.
1993 The company obtained a part of shares of Magellan Systems Corporation in US since they admired an achievement of the next generation GPS board development project with DENSO, Toshiba and Xanavi Informatics. Ron Brown(United States Secretary of Commerce) attended the signing ceremony.
1993 Company name was changed to Magellan Systems Japan, Inc.
1999 The company concluded a contract of the super high sensitivity GPS algorithm development with Information-technology Promotion Agency(IPA).
2000 The company moved its headquarters to Suita-city, Osaka pref.
2001 Built the North Osaka R&D centre in Toyono, Osaka pref
2004 The company was authorized by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications regarding new businesses of communication and broadcasting based on its law.
2004 The company moved its headquarters to Toyono, Osaka pref.
2005 The company received authorization about the Temporary Law Concerning Measures for the Promotion of the Creative Business Activities of Small and Medium Enterprises from Osaka pref.
2005 The company was awarded a prize for the new business subsidies by Ikeda Bank, Ltd.
2007 The company moved its headquarters and office to Kawanishi, Hyogo pref.
2008 The company moved its headquarters and office to Amagasaki, Hyogo pref.
2011 The company made a contract with NASA/JPL for cooperation for ephemeris prediction technology (AEP).
2015  "MSJ Research Center" LLC was established in Russia.